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Whether you are a hemorrhoid sufferer or just surfing the internet to kill time, you have found the best hemorrhoid site available.  Perhaps you are looking to expand your medical knowledge for you have made the commitment to become a self care family.  No matter the reason we are happy you have found us.

The Concept of Self Care

Many people are claiming that self care is a new idea.  And yes, it has gotten a boost in the past decade with the release of many formerly prescription only medications to over the counter status. But we have been caring for ourselves since the beginning of time with grains and plants ground down and made into power, pastes and liquids.  No one is trying to replace the physician but rather we are trying to lighten his load allowing him to focus on more life threatening problems.

Hemorrhoids and Self Care

We are a complete source of hemorrhoid information.  We have more than a dozen sections that will take you from hemorrhoid description, through signs, symptoms and finally treatments in an easily understood manner with charts and amusing artwork. There are some advanced cases of hemorrhoids, and we will detail those also, that will require medical intervention and possible surgical procedures.  But for the most part we feel confident that we will be able to educate you to a point that you will be able to be your own caregiver.

In Conclusion

We think if you take the time to read our site completely you too will be impressed with its depth of information.  We have pledged to add to it as new data becomes available.  We invite you to book mark our site to keep it always available.  But better yet, sign up for our newsletter to become a really educated consumer.

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